So are going to Cusco ? Don’t miss the amazing Rainbow Mountain

Hello dears bloggers, today I wrote about the Rainbow Mountain ,that’s new sensation in Cusco, Peru like the Machu Picchu. Read more about in the blog

Today I wrote about the famous attraction that is in fashion in cusco  the mountain of 7 Colors, Rainbow Mountain Peru, colorful mountains Peru. Cusco is a department privileged by nature and history. The Capital of the inca empire wonders of all kinds in its territory, such as the unforgettable citadel of Machu Picchu. Attractions like these make it easy to understand why the Incas chose cusco to build the belly of the world there In addition to the historical monuments and archaeological sites, the department of cusco embraces true wonders of nature in its territory, such as the ausangate and salkantay mountains, and the mountain of 7 Colors, rainbow mountain covered in snow, two of the most beautiful . Located in the heart of the Andes of Cusco, they were considered true gods by “apu” was the name with which the wise Inca civilization called the mountains that were considered to possess mystical powers. Although most of these majestic mountains were covered in snow, there was one that stood out for its coloring: the vinicunca mountain, also known as “the rainbow mountain” in Peru. This peculiar geographical feature or work of natural art belongs to the snow-covered mountain of ausangate, in the cordillera de vilcanota Today thousands of people from all over the world dream of visiting you and coming to cusco along with machu picchu Is known as the Rainbow Mountain or Mountain 7 Colors, that is a natural beauty of Cusco that will leave you with your mouth open. Along the way you will have breathtaking views of the Andes, like glacial peaks, the famous lamas dressed in their typical clothes.And on the right hand side before you get to the seven-color mountain, you will also see the red valley, which is a whole incredible red mountain. We will have time to take pictures of this wonderful place, which is a kind of colorful desert mountain. Reaching upstairs, our guide will tell the story of the colorful mountain and the red valley and the populated native village within the rainbow montain. This natural wonder is a display of the tourist riches we have in the Cusco region. In addition, it forms part of the Andes mountain range in Peru, which radiated indescribable excitement by having snow-covered plateaus, streams, valleys, all the beauty of this unique Peruvian Andean landscape. You will also see Andean animals such as Lamas, Alpacas, Andean birds, sheep and others. This landscape shows the entirety of one of the most beautiful geographical features of the Colorful Mountain, where nature has different ecological levels and count the richness of minerals that houses its soil. For this and many other reasons, it has been included by National Geographic as one of the 10 attractions to visit in Peru. The best time to visit the Rainbow Mountain is from April to November, as this season is dry and the weather is favorable to enjoy the Colorful Mountain and the blue sky that beautifies the environment of the whole. mountain that surrounds it.  Travel through a land yet to be discovered, with wild, desert landscapes, snowy peaks, herds of alpacas, and arrive at the last destination – The “Rainbow Mountain” hidden in the Andes. Rainbow Mountain or “Vinicunca” has become one of the favourite and forced destinations to tourists during their visit to the city of Cusco, therefore in this little blog we will endeavor to respond to just some of the questions that we receive from our customers.

What is Rainbow Mountain and where is it located? 

Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca is located in Peru, in the Cusco region, in Cusipata. This mountain is a natural formation that shows the whim of nature through kilometers of land that are changing their coloring by the richness in minerals and it is from the viewpoint of Vinicunca, from where you will have a spectacular view of the entire Cordillera of the Andes with its whimsical colors that resemble the Rainbow.

How much height you have?

The point of maximum height is 5200 meters above sea level; however the tour part of the city of Cusco, passing through village of Cusipata  until you get to the start point of the walk called Pampachiri to 3800 meters above sea level, from where we will ascend to the observation deck at a height of 5200 meters above sea level.

What do distance and travel time from Cusco?

The Mountain Rainbow from the city of Cusco and takes about 3.30 hours to get to this place between the trip by car and on foot without counting the stops to feed and rest.

How to get there, how much does it cost and how long is the tour?

The best way to get to the Mountain, is recruiting him with an agency specialized in hiking and trekking with specialized personnel as the hours go from 2  hours, so it is convenient to always go with a trained guide and the best services. The tour lasts throughout the day; the pickup is very early in the morning from your hotel in Cusco and return at 17:00 hrs approximately.  

Who can be done? Are there horses?

You must bear in mind that the horse is guided by a horseman and will leave about 15 minutes from the viewpoint of Vinicunca so if you or if you will have to walk this stretch. The degree of difficulty of this route is intermediate

easy, so it is recommended for people with an optimal physical state, as the advancement could be a little tiring for people who are not accustomed to these walks in height. However you can rent a horse in the same locality of Pampachiri with the Communards who offer this service just for people who cannot walk or not willing to walk for three hours. 

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