The Amazing Rainbow Mountain in Cusco. Don’t miss !!

Hello bloggers, today I going to write about the amazing mountain of 7 colors, vinicunca, which is the new attraction of Cusco in Peru. Now it has become a place that all tourists, when they are in Peru, want to visit. Read more on our blog!

The Rainbow Mountain, known as the RAINBOW MOUNTAIN, the  7 color mountain, colorful mountain Peru, is a magical place, where it was part of the ancient Quechua culture, in the past was used to exchange products. Today it has become a natural wonder visited by tourists from all over the world, when you come to Cusco. If you come to Peru, do not miss the Rainbow Mountain.

The other alternative of the classic Inca road, are: Lares Trek and Salkantay trek in Cusco, offers different attractions, such as the one that is in fashion now. The mountain of colors has been made known since it left national geographic. Today it is one of the most visited attractions in Cusco in Peru, as the archaeological site of Machupicchu in Peru.

The mountain of colors is also known as Rainbow Mountain, Mountain of 7 Colors – Vinicunca, is impressive and can be seen in the spectacular area of Ausangate. Today, the Rainbow Mountain is necessary for all who visit Cusco in Peru. The colorful mountain of 7 colors is 4 hours from the city of Cusco and has a spectacular view with several colors.

The mountain of 7 colors has gained much fame in the last years; she has several colors due to her minerals present in the mountain, and for those who do not like walking, the option is to go horseback riding on the mountain and do not have the need to walk up. The Rainbow Mountain is breathtaking and can be seen in the spectacular Ausangate Snowy Peak area.

The tour, which allows you to see the 7-color mountains Cusco requires a full day to know it, a full day of trekking to and from Cusco. In this walk you will see picturesque villages, beautiful adobe style houses, flames and alpacas and you will have a magnificent view of Ausangate Mountain, at 6,386 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in the region. Chaska Travel Peru offers this 1-day tour to the colorful Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru. About 95 kilometers southeast of Cusco, in Peru, is located the rainbow mountain of 7 colors.

It is the Mountain of the Seven Colors; it is in the Cordillera de Vilcanota at 5,200 meters above sea level in the Pitumarca district. She has intense tones of fuchsia, turquoise, lavender and gold and in just over two years, travelers who came to take photos with the summit went from a few tens to about 1,000 per day, despite the cold and altitude of the place.

Thanks to its popularity, driven by social networks, the mountain has become a common destination in the ranking of tourist attractions in the world. For example, in 2017, it appeared on the list of 100 places to visit before dying in the National Geographic Magazine. In Cusco the tourism boom is recent, but the history of the mountain and its colors began millions of years ago. Now you know do not miss this natural tourist attraction in Cuzco, when they come on a trip.

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