The rainbow mountain in Peru, Cusco, south America


Hello dear readers, today I going to write about the rainbow mountain in Peru, Cusco, south America. Read more about.

According to residents of the region, the mountain was covered by ice and snow from a glacial that melted a few years ago due to global warming. With that, it ended up revealing the Rainbow Mountain which is now one of the main sights of Cusco.

Vinicunca’s colors are a reaction of various minerals to water and oxygen, which was not the case when they were protected by the glacial. Agencies usually start their tours from Cusco between 4:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the morning and return later in the afternoon. We booked a day of our script in Cusco to visit the Rainbow Mountain. As the tour lasts all day and it is not possible to reconcile with any other activity. Because at the end of the day you are very tired and just want to know how to relax!

We can also see a very beautiful lagoon (which seems inaccessible), cross with llamas and alpacas … and enjoy the sun that will amaze some of the coldThe Colorful Mountain is a 3 hour drive from the city of Cusco, near the small town of Pitumarca. Check the map below for the approximate location so that you can locate yourself. Also note the trail that is made from where the car leaves us until we actually reach the mountains.

The rainbow mountain has gained much prominence over the last few years; it has several colors because of its minerals present on the Rainbow Mountain. For those who do not like to walk the theme option to go horseback riding up the mountain and do not have the need to walk to the top of it. It is stunning and can be seen in the spectacular Ausangate area.

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