The Rainbow Mountain Tour in Cusco with Chaska Travel Peru.

Hello dear readers, I going to write about the incredible colorful mountain, the rainbow mountain ,also called Montana of the 7 Colors, is located in the Andes, in the region of Cusco, Peru. Read more on our blog!

Here, I intend to give you a detailed description of my experience and show you regardless of your age, it is very easy to visit Rainbow Mountain any time of the year!

But what makes the mountain of the seven colors turn so many different colors into this colorful desert? It is because of the minerals present in it, which give all these colors. The mountains look like they’ve been painted yellow, green, red and purple, but they look a little more natural in person.

When it began to melt, the water mixed with minerals in the soil, turning the earth in various colors to Rainbow Mountain. The red areas are due to mixtures of rust, the yellow ones are due to iron sulfide, the purples are of oxidized limonite, and the greens come from chlorite.

To get to the trail, it is a three hour trip from Cusco, to keep an eye on you, you need to walk about six miles. The journey is quite challenging, so it is not recommended for beginners. But there are some things you should know before heading off to colorful turkey mountains.

Rainbow Mountain is a slab of fickle, pink and green colors, and ash and yellow, forming a rainbow is part of a whole stretch of colorful mountains, in shades of pink and blonde. The climax of the walk of the Rainbow Mountain Peru is a ridge that dominates the entire length, throughout its spectacle.

The mountain itself is incredible, and it’s easy to see where the name Rainbow Mountain comes from, as you can see from my photos on the blog . It is important to note that the weather makes a big difference in your experience there. It is best to plan your trip when it is unlikely to be rain or snow because it will make walking difficult and colors will get duller, as a blogger has experienced.

At the same time, super sunny days or taking pictures around noon will probably also wash your photos due to excess light, and the best time to visit Vinicunca is either morning or evening, be it just after sunrise or just before sunset.

Now you know!! When you arrived in Cusco in Peru, do not miss the Moutain of the  7 colors,  mountain tour, Chaska Travel Peru offers a tour, 1 day tour to the Rainbow Mountain. So you already know, coming to Peru, Cusco cannot miss visiting the mountain of colores in Cusco, Peru. Chaska Travel Peru offers this 1 day tour to the colorful mountain in Cusco Peru.Please call us at (+51) 974 401 722 with any questions or to confirm availability over the phone.

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